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What Different Methods Are Used To Replace Missing Teeth?

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Having missing teeth often causes a very negative impact on the self esteem. Those who suffer from missing teeth often find it very embarrassing to smile at others or speak freely in social settings. Eating and chewing may also be difficult depending on which teeth are missing. Fortunately, this problem can be corrected so the person can regain confidence in their smile. These are some different methods that are used to replace missing teeth.

Full Dentures 

If all of your teeth are missing, one of the most common ways to replace them is by having full dentures made. Full dentures are made of artificial teeth that are attached to a resin or porcelain base that looks like the natural gums. Dentures fit right over the natural gums so that all the artificial teeth look natural.

Dentures are made to be strong and sturdy enough so that eating and chewing with them can be done easily. Full dentures can be cleaned by removing them and brushing and flossing them like natural teeth. They can also be soaked in special products designed for denture cleaning.

Partial Dentures 

If you only have a few missing teeth, partial dentures can be made to replace them. These are made like full dentures, except they are made in smaller sections to fill in only the spaces where natural teeth are missing. Partial dentures can be removed for cleaning and are made so that they are hardly noticeable from the rest of the natural teeth. 

Partial dentures are usually made of artificial teeth that are attached to a sturdy plastic base that is the same color of your gums. Partials often attach to one or more natural teeth in an area that is not visible to others. This helps hold the partial in place and also gives the artificial teeth a more natural appearance.

Fixed Bridges 

Fixed bridges are another option for teeth replacement. Bridges are installed when a person has one or more missing teeth. While these are similar to dentures, they are installed permanently and can only be removed by the dentist.

Fixed bridges are cemented or bonded into place so that they are more like natural teeth. This makes brushing and flossing feel more natural because the bridges remain in place and do not have to be removed to be cleaned. 

Dental Implants 

The most permanent type of teeth replacement involves having dental implants installed. This is done by first having dental posts surgically implanted into the upper, lower or both jawbones. Once the posts have healed, artificial teeth are screwed onto them so they remain tightly in place.

Eating, chewing, brushing and flossing the teeth in dental implants is just like that of natural teeth. This method is becoming more popular in recent years because it gives the patient the look and feel of having beautiful, white, healthy teeth again.

Deciding which method is best for you can depend on several factors. These include how many teeth need to be replaced, how important it is to you for your artificial teeth to be more like natural teeth and how much you want to spend on the procedure. Contact a company like Oral Surgery Associates Inc to learn more.