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Why The Benefits Of Implants Go Beyond Dental Issues

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When you get a dental implant, you are doing much more than tooth replacement. Sure, your main reason for getting an implant may be to get rid of that gaping hole between your teeth, but the benefits will spread beyond that. Here are three examples of such related benefits:

Facial Beauty and Appearance

You need your teeth not only for your bright smiles but also for your beautiful face. Your teeth give the face its fullness, which helps to outline the facial contours, shapes and lines. The presence of teeth also contributes to the length of the face.

Therefore, if you don't replace your teeth, then your facial features will be affected, and your cheeks will be sunken. Not only that, but your face will also appear shorter due to the reduced distance between the upper and lower jawbones. This is one of the reasons senior citizens who have not replaced their teeth seem to have shorter faces.

Facial Expressions

Although it may appear that facial expressions are all due to the facial muscles, your teeth also have a role to play. The muscles pull and contract in different directions under the guidance of the brain. This cannot be possible if the muscles do not have structural support provided by the teeth.

Whether you want to smile, frown or scowl, you do it perfectly only if you have a majority of your teeth. Being unable to form perfect facial expressions may be a bother for the average person, but it can actually be disastrous for some people. For example, an actor or actress who cannot smile as desired would soon be out of business.


Lastly, you should also know that your teeth are integral to your speaking abilities. While speech is the function of several features of your face, it is the teeth, tongue and lips that are necessary. Your teeth help in controlling the flow of air in your mouth, which helps to form different words. The more teeth you lose, the easier it will be for you to lose this air flow and suffer speech difficulties. Again, this may be a minor irritation in social situations, but a major drawback in professions that require perfect articulation of words.

Therefore, if you have lost some teeth, you should get them replaced even if you aren't troubled by their loss. Talk to your dentist like one from Pine Ridge Dental Group to find which type of implant to get and how to prevent further teeth loss.