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Common Questions Dental Patients Have About Getting Fillings

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When you are unfortunate enough to develop a cavity, it will be necessary to have it treated by a dentist. However, if you have been lucky enough to go most of your life without needing a filling, you might not have a well-developed understanding about what you should expect. After you have the following answers to common dental filling questions, you can be a better-informed patient, which will help you to both feel less stress about these treatments as well as being able to more confidently make decisions for your situation.

What Should Patients Know About Drill-less Dentistry?

Drill-less dentistry has emerged as a relatively new way for dentists to apply a filling without needing to physically drill part of the tooth. Drilling can be rather uncomfortable, and it is possible for the dentist to accidental cut the patient's mouth with the drill. Drill-less dentistry avoids these issues by relying on highly pressurized air to remove the decayed part of the tooth through abrasion. Before starting the procedure, the dentist may administer a numbing shot to the gums to reduce any sensitivity the damage portion of the tooth may be experiencing. Once the decayed portion of the tooth is removed, the filling will be applied, and the treatment will be complete.

Can A Filling Fall Out?

It is an unfortunate fact that your filling may fall out one day. This is an uncommon problem to experience, but it is still possible. Often, the filling may come out due to decay returning to the tooth and weakening it. Also, a trauma to the mouth can cause the filling to be knocked out.

When you experience this problem, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible. Without the filling, the interior of the tooth will be exposed to the bacteria in your mouth, which can lead to a painful infection. Depending on the amount of damage to the tooth, your dentist may need to apply a crown to the tooth to prevent it from suffering further damage.

When one of your teeth develops a cavity, it is important to have it treated quickly to ensure that the damage is kept to a minimum. Waiting too long to get a filling can cause your tooth to become infected, which can greatly complicate the treatment process. By understanding drill-less dentistry and the importance of quickly having a filling that fell out addressed, you can be a better-prepared patient when getting a routine filling for a cavity.

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