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Looking At How The Foods You Eat Impact Your Dental Health

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Most everyone knows that brushing and flossing their teeth after meals helps prevent the formation of cavity-causing plaque. While this is a good oral health practice, you should know that some of the foods you eat may be beneficial for your teeth and gums. Learn more about which foods you should include and which ones to avoid in your diet for promoting greater dental health.

Your Teeth Love Calcium

You may have heard your mother repeat many times about how drinking milk is good for your teeth and bones. The calcium in milk does support stronger teeth, but milk can also help to lower the harsh impact of some foods when eaten with it. For example, when you dunk a cookie in a glass of milk and eat it, the milk can help to lessen the damage to your teeth from the sugar in the cookie. Milk has been found to lower the damage of plaque acids found to cause tooth decay.

Polyphenol Protection For Healthier Teeth And Gums

If you enjoy a cup of green tea, you should know you may be doing your teeth and gums a huge favor by drinking it. Green tea contains powerful polyphenols that are well known for their anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties. Green tea has also been found to reduce saliva acidity and it helps to lower inflammation that precedes gum disease. However, keep in mind that drinking green tea with low amounts of sugar is best for getting the full benefit of its polyphenol content.

Eating The Good Bacteria Is Important

Eating yogurt can help to lessen halitosis (bad breath) while also lowering your risk for gum disease. Yogurt contains friendly bacteria that is beneficial to the bacteria found naturally in your saliva. The bacteria in yogurt can help to support a healthy biofilm on your teeth and gums.

Some Foods Can Have A Detrimental Effect On Your Teeth

Acidic foods can erode the protective enamel on your teeth, leaving vulnerable areas to harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay. Enamel loss is also the root cause of painful tooth sensitivity because enamel covers the nerves. When the enamel is too eroded, the nerves can be exposed to air, causing pain. Citrus fruits like lemons and sodas are the worst for eroding tooth enamel.

Caring for your teeth is an important part of caring for your whole body. By eating a well-balanced diet, you increase your chances of experiencing fewer episodes of disease and painful dental issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Visit the site of a dentist, such as, to learn more.