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New Dental Options That Can Get Your Spouse Back On Track And Into The Dentist

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If your spouse is scared of the dentist from a procedure that may have occurred years ago, they might not understand all of the advancements the dental world has made in the past few years. If you can get them to take into consideration of the new changes, they might be more apt to make an appointment and give the dentist a second chance. Here are four dental options you can share with your spouse that might give them the push they need to get back in the dentist's chair.

1. New Topical Anesthetics

Dental techniques have come a long way, and one area that has been moved forward is topical anesthetics. If your spouse is remembering getting painful numbing shots and they are worried about this process, there are anesthetics that can make this process easier. Topical anesthetics can also be used if your spouse will need a pretty intensive cleaning due to plaque build up. Pain management from beginning to end is a primary concern for dentists.

2. Laser Drills

Drilling that is necessary for fillings and other dental procedures isn't nearly as invasive as it once was. Laser drills can help with pain, sound, and the length of time that procedures might take. Be sure that your spouse understands that dentistry has come a long way when it comes to drilling. This might be an easier process than they are remembering from years ago.  

3. High-Tech Distractions

Gone are the days where patients need to be in the present moment while dental work is occurring. There are plenty of distractions available these days, from TV screens on the ceiling or mounted up high on the walls, music, and options for patients to plug in headphones. Your spouse can now relax and focus on something other than the work at hand.

4. Less Invasive Cleaning Techniques

While some scraping might be in order, your spouse can find a dentist that has incorporated ultrasonic techniques to break up plaque as well. Removing plaque and deposits, known as scaling, can be done with traditional scraping, but ultrasonic options can make this less invasive and painful for your spouse. This can also help relieve gum pain from the process.

If your spouse hasn't been to the dentist in years, be sure to talk up your recent positive experiences. If you can help find a dentist that is up-to-date with new advancements in dental procedures and patient care, your spouse might give the dentist another chance.

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