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2 Tips For Encouraging Your Child To Wear Their Twin Block Appliance

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Your dentist may suggest a twin block appliance for your child to wear if they suffer from a misaligned jaw. The appliance is designed to correct their overbite. A twin block works best if it is worn at all hours of the day including when your child goes to school. For a number of reasons, your child may be averse to wearing their appliance. The more that your child avoids wearing their dental device the less likely their teeth will become realigned. As a result, it is important to encourage them. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to encourage your child to wear their twin block appliance.

Encourage them to Speak Often While Wearing the Twin Block

Much of your child's discomfort from wearing twin block appliances will come within the first few days of getting the device installed. The first few days involve relearning how to eat and speak with the new appliances. For many children, this can quickly become frustrating. As a result, an easy way to overcome this hurdle is to encourage your child to speak as much as possible during these first few days. This will help them to get acclimated to their dental device. In addition, when they begin to notice improvements, they will be more inclined to wear the dental device. It is important to note that they may initially experience dribbling and drooling when they speak. Once they get a hang of their speech, this should subside.

Set Short-term Goals for them

For something as unfamiliar as a twin block appliance, your child needs short-term goals to keep them on track. The long-term goal is to fix their overbite, but this can quickly become overwhelming for children since this goal can take months or even years. As a result, come up with a schedule that allows them to wear their twin block as often as possible, but also gives them some relief from the dental device. For example, you can decide to have them wear their dental device during school hours and at night, but it can be removed in the early morning when getting ready for school. This will give your child something to look forward to. Wearing the twin block appliance for the majority of the day will quickly shift your child's teeth. Therefore, they may quickly find that wearing the appliance is more comfortable than not wearing it.

Dealing with something as new as a twin block appliance can be difficult for your child. Therefore, use these tips in order to encourage them to wear the device.

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