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3 Essential Oils To Help You Manage Your Wisdom Teeth Removal Without Narcotics

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If you are trying to stay away from prescription pharmaceuticals, finding out that you need to have your wisdom teeth removed could present a challenge. Many people rely on prescription drugs to help them manage the recovery process after having their wisdom teeth removed. Fortunately, there are some natural ways to help speed the body's healing process.

Here are three essential oils you might want to consider using to help you get through your wisdom tooth removal and recovery in the future.

1. Clove Oil

One of the most difficult challenges you might face as you recover from having your wisdom teeth removed is managing your pain. Since wisdom teeth must often be removed using surgical procedures, pain can worsen in the days following your procedure. Having the ability to turn to clove oil will help you avoid reliance on narcotics to manage your pain.

Clove oil contains a substance known as eugenol, which acts as a numbing agent. Mixing a few drops of clove oil with a few drops of a carrier oil (like coconut, vegetable, or almond oil), soaking the corner of a paper towel with the oil mixture, and placing the paper towel between your cheek and gum in the area near the affected tooth can provide pain relief as you recover from your wisdom tooth removal.

2. Lemon Oil

Increasing the number of white blood cells carried to the area affected by your wisdom tooth removal in your bloodstream can help speed the recovery process. The increased circulation that often occurs after an injury has been sustained to the body is referred to as microcirculation. Stimulating microcirculation by ingesting lemon oil after your procedure will help you get back on your feet quickly once your wisdom teeth have been removed.

Lemon oil can be applied to the affected area topically, but you should always mix a few drops of the essential oil with a carrier oil to dilute so that the pure essential oil will not irritate the delicate skin of your gums. Relying on lemon oil to help speed the healing process will help you stay away from narcotic drugs to manage your recovery.

3. Vetiver Oil

As you recover from your wisdom tooth removal procedure, you will likely experience some inflammation in the area surrounding the surgical site. Inflammation can cause discomfort, and many patients turn to narcotics to manage their discomfort.

If you want to avoid pharmaceuticals, you can turn to vetiver essential oil instead. Applying vetiver topically (diluted with a carrier oil) will help you soothe and cool your inflamed gums and find relief from any pain the inflammation might cause.

Be sure to consider using essential oils like clove, lemon, and vetiver to help you manage your recovery from a wisdom tooth removal procedure if you want to avoid pharmaceuticals. To learn more about wisdom teeth removal, contact a dentist like Dr. Peter L Drob