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You're Going To Get Cavities! 4 Steps To Protect Your Kids Teeth This Holiday Season

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The holidays are here. That means you're going to be heading to a lot of family get-together's. While you're preparing for the parties, don't forget about your kid's dental health. Those holiday treats – cookies, candy canes, etc. – can wreak havoc on your kid's teeth. Luckily, you don't have to say no to all the sweet treats. You just need to be prepared. Here are four steps you can take to protect your kid's teeth this holiday season.

Provide Lots of Water

Your kids are going to have plenty of opportunities to drink fruit punch and other sweetened beverages. Unfortunately, those aren't good for their teeth. While you're visiting family for the holidays, be sure your kids drink plenty of water. The water will help keep your kids hydrated, which will keep your kids healthy. The added water will also help flush away the food and bacteria that's getting caught between your kid's teeth. For maximum protection, have them keep a bottle of water with them. This will ensure that they're drinking water throughout the day.

Bring a Toothbrush Along

Whether you're going to be heading to your relative's home for a few hours, or a few days, make sure your kids bring their toothbrushes along. This is particularly important if you know your kids are going to be indulging in a lot of sweet treats while they're there. Bringing a toothbrush along will ensure that your kids continue brushing after each meal. Be sure to remind your kids to brush their teeth after eating sticky candy, such as candy canes. The sticky sugar can get stuck on your kid's teeth and start eating away at the enamel.

Encourage Snacking on Crunchy Vegetables

When you head to family get-together's make sure your kids snack on plenty of crunchy vegetables. Foods like carrots and celery act like natural toothbrushes, removing food and debris from between the teeth while your kids chew on them. The crunchy vegetables are especially helpful if you forget to bring your kids toothbrush along.

Visit the Dentist

Before you head out for your family vacation this holiday season, be sure you schedule dental exams for you and your kids. The last thing you want is to have a nasty toothache interfere with your family fun. A dental visit will allow your dentist to give you and your kids a clean bill-of-health before you head out for the holidays.

The holidays are here. Don't forget about your kid's teeth. The tips provided here will help you keep your kids teeth healthy while they're enjoying their holiday treats. Be sure to talk to a dentist about other ways to protect your kids teeth during the holidays.