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2 Tips For Dealing With A Numb Mouth After Having Dental Work Done

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For most dental surgeries, such as tooth extractions, fillings, etc., you will have your mouth numbed. This is done to eliminate the feeling of pain during the procedure, and replace it with a feeling of pressure. However, the numb feeling that you experience during the procedure is often going to last for quite some time after your dental work is done. Not being able to feel your mouth can often be somewhat dangerous and can make doing some things a bit more difficult. Because of this, you will need to exercise extra care and caution. This article will discuss 2 tips for dealing with a numb mouth after having dental work done. 

Avoid Chewing 

One of the most important things that you can do is avoid chewing in general. The biggest risk that you face when you chew is biting your cheeks and lips. Because you can't feel these areas of your mouth, you run the risk of biting them over and over again without even knowing it. While you may not feel the pain of this at first, it will return with a vengeance as soon as the numbness wears off. If you find that you are quite hungry after the dental procedure, you should consider foods that require little to no chewing involved. This could be a smoothie, a basic soup or broth, a milkshake, yogurt, etc. This will allow your body to get the nourishment that it needs to tide you over until the numbness wears off. 

Use A Straw

If you would like to drink something, whether it be food or a beverage, you should use a straw. It is quite hard to control your mouth when it is numb because you can't feel it. If one side of your mouth is numb and the other isn't, this can make it almost impossible to try and put a cup or bowl to your lips and drink successfully. A great alternative to this is to use a straw. The straw, while still a bit difficult to wrap your lips around, is going to be a much safer approach to drinking. You can place the straw on the side of your mouth that you can feel, thus giving you the most control. Also, because you control how much liquid comes through the straw at a time, you are less likely to accidentally spit liquid, or pour liquid, all over yourself. 

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