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Helpful Information About Dental Veneers

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Teeth that are uneven and stained are not desired by most people that have them. Professional whitening and braces are a great solution when there are numerous uneven and stained teeth in your mouth. However, if the only teeth that are in such a condition are a few at the front of your mouth, dental veneers might be the best solution. A few tests might have to be done before a dentist is able to place veneers on your teeth. This article will teach you a few important things about getting dental veneers for uneven and stained teeth.

Undergoing a Few Tests

Getting dental veneers will involve the dentist performing test to learn about your oral health. He or she might take an x-ray of your teeth to ensure that your jawbones aren't in bad shape. Depending on what he or she finds wrong, additional tests might be performed as well. For instance, if the x-ray shows a lump that appears to be a cyst, you might need to get a biopsy. The key is to make sure your oral health is in good shape and that underlying conditions are treated before the veneers are installed.

Filing Down Your Enamel

Once the installation process for the veneers begin, the dentist will sedate you. The sedation method will be based on your comfort level. He or she will then proceed to file down the enamel of the teeth that are receiving veneers. Keep in mind that the portion of your enamel that is filed down will not grow back. The amount of filing that will be done depends on how uneven your teeth are, as well as the amount of stained surface that is being removed.

Attaching Dental Veneers

Attaching veneers to the filed down enamel is the next step in the process. The veneers will be attached with cement that is used in the dental industry. The cement creates a secure bond that will give you the ability to eat with the veneers without the fear of them coming off. Dental veneers can actually last for many years to come after they are in place.

Caring for Your Veneers

You will find that caring for your dental veneers is an easy task. There will be no special care needed to keep the veneers in shape. Basically, you will just have to keep your teeth brush as usual. You should go to a dentist for ocassional checkups as with your natural teeth as well.