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Four Tips For Retaining A Healthy Smile This School Year

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As the school year approaches, more and more kids fall into bad habits when it comes to retaining a healthy smile. This is usually due to the schedule changing and bedtime routines being interrupted by homework, as well as morning routines interrupted by the rush to get out of the door. On top of this, kids often lack the discipline needed to keep up with their healthy habits while at school and away from your care and attention. Here are four tips to help you help your child retain a healthy smile this school year:

  1. Keep Up With Routine: It's easy to slip out of routine as your life becomes a bit more hectic. To avoid missing out on getting those teeth brushed, do it together as a family as soon as you wake up and right before bedtime. Doing it together gets it all done at once, which can actually save you all time. Even if this means moving your toothbrush from your bathroom to the kid's bathroom, it's helpful with instilling the importance of the routine. 
  2. Keep Lunches Healthy: When you pack your kid's lunch, you should be minimizing the amount of starchy carbs, and definitely don't include any candy. Chances are, there are kids bringing candy to school already that your kid may be eating. Plus, there are also juices and other surgery drinks at school that are typically served during lunch time. To avoid your child being overloaded with sugar, keep their lunches healthy as much as you can. 
  3. Buy a Water Bottle: Be sure that your child is bringing water to school with them everyday. You can buy them their own special water bottle that will ensure that they are less likely to forget it. Drinking water is crucial for a healthy smile since it helps create saliva, and saliva is what helps fight cavities because it is constantly washing away bacteria. However, it can't do this unless it's being produced. 
  4. Keep Up With Dental Appointments: It's definitely better to schedule routine dental appointments in the summer. However, since your child should be going to the dentist every 6 months, they are bound to need appointments during the school year. Try and find a dentist who has office hours that work outside of school so you don't have to worry about pulling your child out to bring them to the dentist. 

With these four helpful tips, you can more easily keep up with your child's health even when they are away from home for most of the day. Contact a dental office like Neu Family Dental Center for additional advice.