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Should You Get Cosmetic Dental Work For Your Gap Tooth?

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Your front teeth have a gap in them, and while this may be a beauty thing for some people, for you it's more of an annoyance. You want to have a more adult smile and you feel like having a gap in your front teeth is a negative thing. However, there is a benefit to having a gap in your teeth: you often have less of an issue with having your teeth getting crowded because you have ample room for your permanent teeth to shift and make themselves at home. So, you don't have a crooked smile to worry about, but you still don't like your smile.

Should you get cosmetic dental work for your gap tooth? You can, and you have many options. Use this guide to help you decide if this is something you ultimately want to do for your oral health. You'll make the right decision for your needs and will soon be able to take more pride in your smile.

Your self esteem is affected

Does your smile make you feel self conscious about yourself? Are you having a hard time feeling happy about yourself, or do you always smile with your mouth closed or cover your mouth when you laugh? If you have a self esteem issue related to your smile, then you may want to consider getting cosmetic work done on your mouth. This way, you can get the smile you really want and can feel happier with the way you look when you show your teeth.

You are open to dental work

When you have a problem with your smile, you have many options such as getting a bridge put in the space between your teeth, getting your teeth capped, or even having dental implants put in your mouth to close the gap in your front teeth. If you are open to dental work, you can get the procedure done and feel great about the results. You may not want to get dental work for cosmetic purposes right away if you have other dental needs that should come first, but if your smile is overall healthy but could use a little work, your dentist will be able to help you in many ways.

Get a consult from a cosmetic dentistry professional before you commit to any type of dental work. This way, you can feel more confident about the work they will be doing on you and you can do your part to prepare for getting the gap in your teeth closed.