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Break A Tooth Halfway Down? Get To A Dentist And Get It Capped

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If you have a tooth that has been broken halfway off and you are waiting to see the dentist, research your repair options in advance before you go in for your appointment. The dentist will give you options on how you can fix the tooth, and some of them may be more complicated than others. Set a budget before you go in if you don't have dental insurance, and figure out what repair you want to endure.

Cap the Tooth with a Crown

Capping teeth with dental crowns is possibly the best choice if you are worried about budget, recovery and time. The dentist will find a white porcelain crown that fits onto the missing area where the tooth was, and it will be bonded. This can be done fast, and as soon as the time has gone by for the bonding to set, you can go on and eat and brush as you were before you went into the appointment.

Remove the Tooth and Replace

If the tooth is broken off too far down for the dentist to use a crown, they may suggest putting a dental implant in its place. This is a synthetic tooth that is incredibly durable, and it's fused into the jaw bones and secured with hardware. This will be an outpatient surgery procedure in the office, and it will take more time to health. However, if maintained properly this is a permanent solution.

Put a Veneer On

If one of the front teeth are the teeth that are broken, the dentist may think that a set of veneers is best. This will be a partial tooth covering that is bonded to the existing tooth that is broken, this will go over more than just one tooth. If your other teeth are in great condition you may not want to use this option, since the teeth that the veneers are attached to will all have to be filed.

The dentist will look at the tooth and tell you how to get it fixed the fastest, and what will be the most affordable option. There are a lot of different choices and you want to talk about payment plans when you get into the office if you don't currently have dental insurance. Don't put off going to get the tooth looked at, because this could lead to more damage and cracking, or even a bad infection.