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Using Veneers To Correct Common Cosmetic Issues With Your Teeth

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Improving your smile can be a major goal for your dental health. While there are many proactive steps that can lessen the impacts that a number of dental health issues can pose, it can still be possible to have many serious dental cosmetic issues corrected through the use of veneers.

How Can You Use Veneers To Improve Your Smile's Appearance?

A veneer can be an extremely effective option for correcting teeth that have been damaged by extensive cracking, chips, and staining. This is largely a result of the way that a veneer will be applied to your teeth. These coverings are thin layers of porcelain or composite resin that are laced on top of the teeth. This will provide a rapid and affordable option for restoring the appearance of teeth that have suffered this type of serious damage. Before you can be sure that this is a procedure that you can use for your dental issues, it is necessary to have your damaged teeth inspected by a dentist that performs veneers. These professionals will be able to determine whether the damage to the teeth is capable of being addressed with these procedures.

Should You Expect Significant Pain Or Discomfort From The Process Of Having Veneers Applied to Your Teeth?

Dental pain can be a side effect of cosmetic procedures that people will often want to avoid. This is understandable, given the amount of pain that many dental procedures can cause patients to experience. However, dental veneers will typically only cause patients to experience fairly manageable, mild discomfort. Most of this discomfort will be a result of a thin layer being removed from the exterior of the teeth so that the veneers will be able to be placed in the mouth without causing the patient's teeth to feel unnatural or too big. Generally, a patient that receives veneers will find that the discomfort from this condition is likely to fade within a couple of days of the veneers being put on their teeth.

How Long Will You Be Able To Keep The Veneers?

If you are making the commitment to have veneers placed on your teeth, you will want to have confidence that this is a dental procedure that will last for years to avoid excessively going through the discomfort and expense of having these coverings applied to your teeth. Luckily, veneers are designed to be extremely durable. In most cases, a patient will only need to have their veneers applied once every couple of decades. This can allow you to minimize the disruption that you experience from having the veneers applied while still ensuring that your teeth will look their best.