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Things You Should Know About Dentures

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Artificial teeth or dentures provide the perfect substitute for absent teeth. Depending on your oral condition, a dentist may recommend partial or full dentures. Both options will help you regain your smile, boosting your confidence. However, before you book the denture insertion procedure, here are crucial things you should know about dentures.

Denture Hygiene Is Essential 

Dentures need to be cleaned as often as you clean your regular teeth. Cleaning dentures at least twice a day with a specified denture cleaning paste will keep you safe from oral infections and swollen gums. To clean dentures correctly, remove the dentures and get rid of food particles using a soft-bristled brush. Brush gently to avoid causing dents. Afterward, immerse your dentures in a glass of water or a denture cleaner to keep them lubricated.

Dentures May Feel Uneasy at First

It's normal to feel uncomfortable with dentures for the first few days. Oral restlessness and sore gums may occur but are easy to manage with the correct dentist prescription. The restlessness is temporary and results from your gums aligning and adapting with the dentures. 

You Should Remove Dentures When Not in Use

Dentures are not permanent fixtures; they can be worn and removed as you please. Remove your dentures when they are not in use for cleaning. Leaving your dentures attached for long can result in bad breath. Ensure you remove and soak your artificial teeth in water when going to bed. This will help relax your gums and keep your artificial teeth lubricated.

Dentures Require Repair and Replacement by a Professional

Never try to repair dentures by yourself. It is best to leave any chips, stains, or misalignment to a professional dentist. Contact your dentist whenever you feel something is wrong with the dentures. A simple diagnosis will help determine the cause of the denture problem. Some problems are fixable, while others demand full denture replacement.

Your Dentist Should be the First Point of Reference

Remember that your dentist is a specialist and should always be the person you talk to whenever you have a denture concern. Also, a professional dentist will help you maintain your dentures in perfect condition. Book regular appointments to have your dentures inspected for a smooth experience.

Visit a dentist near you to determine whether dentures will help you recover your perfect smile. Taking care of your artificial teeth and leaving repairs to a professional is essential for good oral health. Also, removing your dentures from time to time will help your gums relax.