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Signs You Should Have Your Teeth Extracted

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Taking care of your oral health is vital. You may undergo a tooth extraction procedure if you neglect dental hygiene. If you experience tooth decay, some of your teeth will develop permanent damage; hence, the need for teeth extraction procedures. Even though pulling your teeth out may be terrifying and stressful, sometimes it is necessary. The following are signs you should prepare yourself for potential tooth extractions.

A Damaged and Infected Tooth

Your dentist can treat a tooth that has just started decaying. However, treating a severely infected and decayed tooth is quite challenging. A decayed tooth has already developed irreversible damage and can only be extracted. Failure to have the damaged tooth can be a problem because it will spread the infection to the surrounding teeth. 

Your Teeth Are Misplaced

Another sign you might need a tooth extraction procedure is if you have misplaced teeth due to impaction or overcrowding. Impaction happens when a tooth fails to emerge from the gum and mostly happens to wisdom teeth. On the other hand, overcrowding is when your teeth have crammed into one location. If you are experiencing these two problems, visit your dentist for a tooth extraction procedure and change your smile.

Tooth Pain

A toothache is painful and can even affect your productivity. However, tooth pain doesn't necessarily mean you should get a tooth extraction, but it is the best solution in some scenarios. For instance, if you are experiencing tooth pain even after filling and a root canal procedure, you should get an extraction. Also, if the tooth is badly damaged or infected, you should have it removed.

You Have Gum Disease

Another sign that you may need a tooth extraction procedure is the presence of periodontal disease. This disease affects the gums and can also damage the alveolar bone. Periodontal disease can make your teeth loosen in their sockets; hence, the need to remove them. Severe gum disease can lead to massive tooth decay, and tooth extraction is the only available option to prevent the disease from causing further damage.

Fractured Teeth That Are Beyond Repair

Your teeth may be broken as a result of an accident or injury. In most cases, your dentist can repair broken teeth through a dental crown procedure. However, tooth extraction may be necessary if the tooth has fractured beyond the gum line. There are higher chances of a fractured tooth getting infected or decayed. Also, fractured teeth have sharper edges that can badly hurt your mouth or tongue.