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4 Tips And Guidelines On Dealing With Dental Stains

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Dental stains are a problem that develops slowly over time, and not all of them are caused by drinking coffee or having natural yellow teeth. Sometimes, you could be dealing with stains resulting from something that happened years before. As such, differentiating various stains will help you understand their root cause and find the best way to resolve them. Here are the four most common causes of stains and how to fix them.

Poor Eating Habits

Eating habits are one of the major reasons people have stains on their teeth. You should know that brushing your teeth after every meal is good dental hygiene. More importantly, avoiding excessive consumption of foods known to cause staining is better. For example, beverages like coffee and wine have tannins and other naturally occurring sources of stains. So, make it a habit to raise your mouth with water after drinking pigmented liquids. Another common food-related cause of stains is excessive sugar and starch consumption. Ultimately, when you cut back on candy, cakes, and sweets and brush or floss your teeth after every meal, you'll be less likely to develop discoloration.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Calcium is crucial for the development and maintenance of healthy white teeth. That said, the absorption rate into the bloodstream depends on some vitamins or minerals. So, if you have a deficiency in these vitamins, the tooth's appearance, strength, and density will get compromised. On the other hand, you can prevent and solve this problem by increasing your intake of vitamins D and C. In this case, ascorbic acid or vitamin C is found in fruit and dark leafy vegetables. Alternatively, vitamin D comes from seafood and sunshine. More importantly, you should take supplements more seriously when pregnant or breastfeeding because calcium gets depleted.

Bad Teeth Cleaning Practices

Poor dental hygiene is another common reason why people have tooth stains. Note that failure to brush and floss your teeth leads to the plaque sitting on the table for too long, causing stains. Ultimately, the best way to resolve this is to become more disciplined about brushing your teeth after every meal or at least in the morning and evening.

Some Medications and Herbs

Some types of medication also play a role in discoloration. For example, some blood pressure medicines or antibiotics used to treat acne may affect the appearance of teeth. More importantly, some traditional herbs and nuts can cause severe teeth and gum stains. Note that some of these products might cause temporary staining, but you can resolve it with the right products.

These are the most common causes of stains. Ultimately, the best way to minimize and eliminate them is by getting the right product from the dentist. In addition, excellent dental health care can also help resolve the problem.

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